The 283rd Judicial District Court

The 283rd Judicial District Court

The 283rd Judicial District Court is one of 17 criminal district courts in Dallas County.  Only felony criminal matters are heard in this court.  Felonies are serious crimes in which a person who is found guilty of committing a felony may be sentenced to serve a number of years in a state prison operated by the Texas Department of Criminal Justice.  

Swearing in new attorneys is an honor and a privilege

Defendant pleas to murder and sentenced to 45 years

Baby shower for court probation officer

Court in session

Jury Trial

Swearing-In Day!  With family

Swearing-In Day!  With family and friends

News from The 283rd Bench

Life Without Parole for Torture Killing by Aryan Brotherhood Leader

Judge Livia Francis presided over the torture killing trial of Texas Aryan Brotherhood leader “Texas Mike” Rodgers. The victim was tortured with hammer and drill before being burned.  Read the Dallas Morning News story here.

Kidnapping, Torture & Murder Accomplice Convicted

In a case tried in the 283rd Judicial District Court with Judge Livia Francis presiding, kidnapper Ricky Moreno was sentenced to 45 years in prison. Learn more here.

Killer Who Made 'Depraved' Torture Video Gets Life Without Parole

During sentencing, Judge Livia Francis told Martin Armijo, Jr. that she had “never seen such depraved behavior in my whole life”.  Jurors were brought to tears while listening to audio of the victim begging for his life.  Details here.

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